Bringing a new system into your organization is always challenging. But there comes a point where you will definitely need a good solution in order to sustain and move to the next phase of growth.

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Through experience we know the concerns that entrepreneurs will have concerning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications.

  1. Can I afford it?
  2. Will it complicate my business process?
  3. Will my personnel be able to use it?
  4. Will I be able to get a Return On the Investment (ROI)?
  5. What really is the benefit?

Consider the following :

  1. Consider a solution that can manage a depth of functionality such as, customer sales and shipping, suppliers and procurement, automated book-keeping and consolidated finance, manufacturing and quality management, Asset management, HR and Payroll.
  2. Consider that all this functionality is given free, without any licenses cost or software cost. You can start with 5 user and end up with 500 without any impact to your TCO.
  3. Pay only for what is important: the consultation that we offer.
  4. Consider that the data entry operations are made minimum once the master data is entered. The user interfaces and its operations are made considering non-IT personnel.
  5. Consider that this solution is implemented by consultants who have 20+ years of experience. See your system working and implemented within three to four months.
  6. Get the same support levels though our global support teams. You are supported continually to help you quickly adopt to the system 

Consider the benefits:

  1. Never loose your information. Though people leave, all your information will be centrally available.
  2. Reduce the learning curve of new recruits.
  3. Safeguard sensitive information of your organization (removes the need to have excel documents with valuable information lying around)
  4. Have a 360-degree view of the current status of you organization be it finance, production or procurement.
  5. Connect your supply with your demand. Better planning.
  6. In-depth functionality for an extremely competitive price.

The benefit we are able to give our customers and their organizations are tremendous. 

Sean Fernando

Business Solutions Advisor