Why Choose Techincglobal?

What does Techincglobal have to offer that others do not have?

 · 1 min read

We are in the business of providing solutions. Not just a solution but a solution that you will truly need. In order to do this you will need to have an exceptionally good product and moreover better implementation skills.

At Techincglobal is not only about the brand, its also about the people. Well its always about the people. It is our personnel that drives our brand. It is our experience in our implementation and consultation that gives rise to the best of breed solutions every time.

That is why except for our partner solution all our software products are free. We only will charge for the part that we feel is of the utmost value, that our consultation. We bring 20+ years of consultation excellence with our platforms, providing usable and sustainable solution that would impact your business in the best possible way.

Our expertise ranges from Finance, Supply Chain, Maintenance Management, Project Management, Manufacturing, Retail, Education and Service Based consultancy, with outstanding support and happy customers.

Please do get in touch with us.

Sean Fernando

Business Solutions Advisor